We offer a variety of services when it comes to repairing your garage doors, here are some of the few:

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Garage Door Openers

When you call us, our experts take the time to answer all of your questions.  We’ll go over with you what options you have within your budget, setup an appointment that fits your busy schedule, and tell you how long the installation or repair will take.  Our mission is to get your garage door back running quickly, all while giving you the best possible customer service.  Later on, if you ever have an issue or a question about your garage door, we’ll always be there to help.

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Residential Garage Springs

When you work with garage doors everyday all day, you get to know pretty much all there is to know.  Take for example, garage door springs.  They are one of the many parts of your garage door required to do all that heavy lifting, but something your probably never give any thought to.  When one breaks, the repair can be difficult and sometimes dangerous, especially if you’re not familiar with the repair.

We’re a local company, right here in Joliet, that offers punctual and professional service.  We’re licensed and certified.  Our technicians will diagnose the problem quickly and get your garage door in working order before you know it.

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Garage Door Cables

The bigger the garage door, the harder it falls.  And if you have a cable fail the chances of that door falling increase.  That can pose a life-threatening hazard to you and your family.  Fail-safe systems in modern garage doors minimize the risk, but while a catastrophic cable failure is unlikely, just imagine the normal wear and tear lifting that door several times a day has on your garage door cables.  Occasionally they wear out and need replacing, which is not a job for a novice handyman.

We’re a hometown company, and we take pride in taking care of our neighbors.  When you call us, you’ll get a fair and competitive quote and an honest answer on how long it will take to get your garage door working again.  We also respect your home.  When we’re finished, we clean up after ourselves.  Later, if you ever have any problem with your door, please know you can call us back and we’ll fix it immediately.

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Residential Garage Door Repair

Your home is your castle and we want you to be able to come home each day, relax, and spend time with the people you love doing the things you enjoy most.  That can be hard to do with a broken garage door on your to-do list.  With us, you can rest easy knowing, we have the people, the knowledge, and the experience to get your garage door working again as soon as possible.

We could spend a lot of money on fancy advertising, but we’d rather let our work speak for itself and invest our efforts in earning your trust and your referral.  We not only want your business, but we want you to be so satisfied, that you’ll recommend your friends and family to us.  Our trained professional technicians will personalize your service.  We’ll give you an honest estimate, answer all your questions, and get your garage door working like new.  That way when a friend of yours in is need, we know you’ll send them our way.  It’s the neighborly thing to do and why we take pride in being a neighborhood company.

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Garage Door Inspection & Maintenance

Some things we use everyday without putting much thought into them.  We just turn them on or flip a switch and expect it to work.  Some things are small like a light switch.  Some are bigger like your car.  Then there are those in-between things.   One of them is your garage door.  Just like you would have your car serviced every few months, and like you may have an inspector out every few years to double check your home’s electrical wiring, preventative maintenance is the key to a long lasting and safely operating garage door and we want to help you with those efforts.

Call us today to schedule an inspection. An routine inspection today could save you from a costly repair tomorrow!  We’re a hometown company looking out for you, our neighbors.  We’ve earned the trust of hundreds and we’ll work hard to earn yours as well.

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Commercial Garage Door Repair

As fellow business owners, we know what you go through.  Your company is your baby.  You work when you’re at work, and you think about work most of the rest of the time, there’s never really a day off.    This is even more true when something like a broken garage door is getting in the way of servicing your customers.

Not only are we experts in residential garage door repair, but we also have years of experience in commercial repair as well.  Our technicians are trained on the latest technology.  They’ve worked on all kinds of garage doors big and small, so whether it’s a standard door or factory sized door, one door or ten doors, we’ve done it all.   We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work or we’ll work until you’re satisfied!  Call us today and let us prove it to you..

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